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LETSBulgaria is a non incorporated organisation trading with goods and services, using time spent in work as a currency instead of money.

Anyone willing to create a LETS group in their region or community, in Bulgarian, to download the documents on this page, staring from the Manual (created in the format of Q&A taken from a real life email marathon), which aims to explain the concept of trading time.

Start from here:

  1. Manual.

  2. Constitution.

  3. About Us and How to Trade.

  4. What to trade.

  5. Rules.

  6. Managing a group.

  7. Registration in a Group Application Form.

  8. Supply and Demand Form.

Please, use the Contact Form to get in touch with us for a complete step-by-step guidance in creating a LETS group. When you have created one, please let us know about it in order to put your location on LETSBulgaria map.

The first city where a LETS group was created in Bulgaria was Smolian since November 2017.