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What People Talk About the Book
and the Campaign Around the World

Here are some remarks provided by a recent respondent in support of our campaign. My thanks to that lady, who didn’t sign her name, for her contribution, which is:

“I would prefer that they can be educated by sex training, and sex education.  I really don’t care how they are being educated by sex; the bottom line, they know what is up, and what to do about it.

Back in the days, some parents didn’t know how to explain sex to teenagers; when you ask, some might say, “child, get out of my face”, or act as if they don’t know what you’re talking about. My experience was that either I learned from books, friends, the streets, and experience first hand.

We are all wired to have sex, well most are, so we need to prepare the next generation as to the pitfalls associated with premature activity that can lead to so many complications including disease and unwanted pregnancy, and even death.

During school, children are taught some sexual information, but in my opinion, the parents should have already been preparing their child for the realities that seems to face our youth at a younger and younger age.

When I think of training in regard to this subject matter, I would image learning methods to grow more intimate with your partner and learn to heighten and help each other achieve the ultimate experience. Obviously this would be for older, more mature individuals.

While this is a sensitive topic – the bottom line is – people have sex, so if they learn from the medical facts and/or experiences of others help them to make the correct decisions as they proceed through life, I am all for it.

I am a mom of s…blended family and I believe my greatest passion in life is to be a great mom and mentor!
Four of our children are in teen (one is 21) and we speak openly to our children about being in Loving Relationships!

Thanks again for Standing out in a Crowd!

In the case of sex education, I would prefer my teenaged daughter to be properly informed about the risks involved in having sex and all that goes with being sexually active. Unfortunately, I did not have parents who felt comfortable enough to properly discuss sex with me. As a result, I learned by experimenting as most teenagers do. Thank God I was fortunate enough not to become pregnant. That was purely by the grace of God.

More importantly, I believe it’s important to educate parents in order that training begins at home. When these topics are presented in school, social settings, T.V., etc., they become either confirmation of the truth of consequences.”

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22 June 2009